LBNL 한인 모임

IMG_4619.JPG ABSTRACTThere are 25 government-funded research institutes (a.k.a. "Jeong-Chool-Yeon") in the fields of science and technology 

under the governance of national research council of science and technology (NST) in Korea, which could be equivalent to  
the national laboratories in the US. In this talk, I would like to talk about an overview of R&D activities going on around those 
national research institutes under NST in Korea. I will also present some R&D activities in Korea Institute of Science and Technology 
Information (KISTI), one of the 25 national research institutes, for which I am working on the development of high performance 
data analytic platform in the supercomputing & networking division.  

I would also like to share and discuss about some of interesting R&D and Service activities currently going on at NERSC 
(National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center), which I am currently affiliated with as for a visiting scholar, with its particular 
interest toward facilitating data analytics services by leveraging its supercomputing infrastructures in addition to its traditional focus 
on providing users with high-performance computing (HPC) facilities.  

BIODr. Soonwook Hwang is a principal research scientist in KISTI and has been involved in many HPC activities including serving 

as a chair of HPC SIG(Special Interest Group) in Korea and a steering committee member for HPC Asia 2018. He received Ph.D 
in computer science at USC and MS in computer science and BS in mathematics at SNU in Korea.