LBNL 한인 모임

진규_0.jpg ABSTRACTDue to the ever-rising need for clean renewable energy, there has been much attention to the development of electrocatalysts for electrolyzers or fuel cells, since they are key technologies for hydrogen based energy system. As a result, tons of reports about super fancy nanomaterials for the application have been published on high profile journal. However, only a few of them possess practical meaning at this moment. We have developed noble metal based nano-electrocatalysts with many collaborators from industry as well as academia. The target devices of our researches were mainly PEM water electrolyzer and fuel cell. We found several factors that affect the cell performance, but have been usually neglected. At this moment, we are struggling to stretch our research scope to electrochemical or photoelectrochemical CO2 conversion for artificial photosynthesis, which has been still confined to basic research realms. Herein, what we studied and the way we approached the issues will be introduced. Also, I would like to discuss about our ongoing researches.

BIOJinkyu Lim is a PhD student at KAIST majoring in chemical and biomolecular engineering and he is currently working at JCAP, CSD of LBL as a visiting graduate student. His current research interest is (photo)electrochemical CO2 reduction. His advisors are Hyunjoo Lee at KAIST and Francesca M. Toma at LBL. He received MS in chemical and biomolecular engineering at KAIST and BS in same major at Yonsei University.