LBNL 한인 모임

2018-06-12 12.33.32-1.jpg ABSTRACT: I would like to present my previous and current work on liquid state materials ranging from the fundamental properties to the applicabilities. Complex liquids encounter glass transition with quenching, and show heterogeneous dynamics below melting temperature. Peculiar dynamical properties of supercooled liquids and ionic liquids will be presented via simulation studies on simple models, and a seemingly universal power-law relation between time scales is suggested. Structural properties of concentrated electrolytes and ionic liquids are studied with differential capacitances of electric double layer capacitors discussed from the perspective of statistical mechanics. Moreover, my recent study on structural properties of LiPF6/EC electrolyte at silicon anode will be presented. 

BIODr. Sang-Won Park is a PostDoc working with Prof. Kristin Persson in Department of MSE, UC Berkeley, and affiliated with ESDR Division of LBNL. He received Ph.D. and B.S. in Chemistry at Seoul National University, Korea. He is now working on MD simulation study of solid-electrolyte interphase at silicon anodes.