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Korea Trade Center, SF--good temp. opportunity

2003.01.30 01:57

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My name is Jeannie Kim, a Marketing and Research consultant at Korea Trade Center in San Francisco.  

On March 25th, 2003,  we are conducting a major trade show in the bay area, and for which we are inviting 30 exhibitors in the IT industry from Kyong-Ki Provice, Korea.  We are expecting about 130-150 American companies from Silicon Valley and the San Francisco bay area to participate in the trade show.

We are currently hiring temps for this event.

Temp:                   1 person needed 9am-5pm in Feburary for a month,
                             3 persons needed 9am-5pm in March

Interpreters: about 25 persons 9am-5pm on March 25th $200/day

It would be a good opportunity to make many good connections with companies in Korea and the bay area for you.

In case that your students members may not  be able to work for 8 hours for one to two months, please forward this message to your alumni members who might be looking for temp employment.  I would appreciate it very much.

Can you please forward this message to your members?  I look forward to hearing from you.

Korea Trade Center in San Franciscot was established in 1960's as a Korean Government organization to promote trade and investment between the U.S. and Korea through many different business acitivities.
Please visit our website at and

Jeannie Kim
Marketing and Research Consultant
Korea Trade Center, San Francisco
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