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Request from Graduate School of Journalism

2006.06.27 22:02

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Dear KGSA members,

Four recently-graduated students from the Graduate School of Journalism are finishing up a month in South Korea for the News 21 project. The News 21 project is a Carnegie Corp/Knight Foundation-funded project conceived by the deans of several journalism graduate schools across the country (Columbia, Northwestern, USC's Annenberg are the others) to address the future of journalism and journalism education.

The Berkeley group's reporting mission: the US Military Abroad. The
four multimedia fellows are doing an in-depth look at the US military in South Korea. You can check out their blog:

They'll all be back at the end of June, when they'll commence putting their stories together. They're looking for someone who can assist in translating some of their video interviews.

We have a budget for this endeavor, so please contact us if you are interested in doing this.


Jane Ellen Stevens
Freelance multimedia journalist
Teaching Fellow, UCBerkeley Graduate School of Journalism
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